dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

UK resembles Iran in this case

In the summer when temperatures are getting nice, a common spectacle is a water fight between children. They will attack each other with water pistols, supersoakers and waterbombs (little balloons filled with water).
And it's not surprising that students do the same and even organise elimination competitions.  They act like snipers in a sort of gang war that can take weeks.  A person who is shot wet, is declared "dead" and out of the game.

                                           Water fight in the Netherlands

                                           Water fight in Thailand
It's not surprising either that throwing and shooting water at each other is popular in other countries too. When you go on the internet you can find loads of pictures of water fights.
The water fight can even be found in the Guinness Book of Records: in 2007 there was a water fight of 2,671 people in Spain.

                                             Water fight in Thailand

You can even see water fights in reality shows.  This is a picture of a fight on the final episode of Jersey Shore on July 31 2011.

                                           Water fight in TV programme Jersey Shore

First it strikes you as odd that in Iran dozens of youngsters have been arrested by the morality police because of taking part in a shameful and corrupt event.  Some were forced to go on TV and admit they had been acting against the law.  Because of the water,  niqabs were sliding down and the girls were showing too much hair and sometimes the forms of their body could be vaguely distinguished. The mullahs and ayatollahs probably never were young themselves. I think the youth should be able to have some fun. But we know rules are very strict in Iran.
I read that these water fights are organised on Facebook just like they are in other countries.

                                           Water fight in Tehran, Iran

                                                        Water fight in Tehran, Iran

It really hit me as very amazing to read that in Colchester (U.K.) a young man of 20 has been arrested because of organising a water fight on Facebook. His arrest is based on a law dealing with heavy criminality installed in 2007. A second man was arrested but later released without charges.
It shows the danger of the super soaker for British society!

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  1. Ha ha! Zit ik dagen zonder water, publiceer jij een leuk stuk met fotoos over water.

  2. Hoezo zonder water? Is de waterleiding gesprongen?